losing weird

a new documentary project telling stories of

Austin's artists and creatives


With the explosion of growth many artists are unable to find reasonably priced studios and spaces. There are few affordable areas left in Austin, and for some, the answer is to migrate out of town. Our documentary series, Losing Weird, showcases individual stories from local artists, their exit from Austin and the ripple effect on our community.

Salvage Vanguard Theater

Jenny Larson and Jarrett King explain the significance of SVT losing their long-standingrehearsal space and venue. 

Danny Reisch - Good Danny's

Danny Reisch describes is migration out of Austin for more a conducive studio space in Lockhart. 

Stefanie Distefano - Flamingo Ranch

Stefanie moved to Smithville to relocate her home and community art studio. 


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James Jones

James is an audio recordist, mixer and cinematic composer who has worked in varying genres for the past seven years. His background as a musician allows him to collaborate and create. 

Preview his work at Jones-Sound.com.

Aaron Weiss

Aaron has helped over a hundred artists and organizations tell their story through the production of films. Through collaboration, he creates visual voices that tell real stories.

He is the owner + director at One Story Productions.